Monday, October 30, 2006

Week 89

0.6lb gain.

Oh that could have been so much worse.

Considering the birthday cake, not to mention the lunch out and the large quantity of home baking my son did for me, I would not have been surprised to see a 2 or 3 pound gain this week.

However, since Thursday we have been almost detoxing. Maggie has been extremely strict about out eating and we have been filling up on almost entirely fruit and veg. Maggie's been making me fruit smoothies for breakfast with my muesli, thick vegetable soup every lunchtime, and we've been having high-vegetable-content vegetarian meals for dinner.

Despite my cravings being all over the place, we have only ended up snacking in the evening (one of the biggest demons) once, although it's been bloody difficult.

So I'm more than happy to settle for only half a pound's net damage this week.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb – 275lbs
Current Weight: 13st 1.2lb – 183.2lbs
Body fat: 25.4%
Total Weight Loss: 91.8lbs


Sayre said...

Sounds like you did pretty well, considering....

But now's the time to get back on the wagon - not after 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 pounds have found their way back to you. Birthday's done. And Christmas is looming.

Here in the states, it seems like one big binge from Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November) through New Year's Eve. I manage to avoid most of it, but some family-demanded meals are hard to keep from overindulging. That's why November is going to be my very strict month. I will NOT have cheesecake!

Kim Ayres said...

We should be fine until December, then the build up to the gluttonous season gets harder and harder to deal with.

ArleneWKW said...

It's maintaining the discipline when things are "bloody difficult" that makes the difference between success and failure. Your self discipline becomes more muscular and more routine when it is sorely tested. Getting past the hard stuff now will make you stronger as the gluttonous season approaches.

TC said...

I may have a gain this week too unless I can get it under control. I am trying to start now to do better.

Kim Ayres said...

Arlene - we live in hope...

TC - of course you'll get it back under control - hpefully sooner rather htan later :)