Monday, October 01, 2007

Week 137 - 27

No change.

I might have hoped for a slight loss, but the lack of change is easily accounted for by the extra pieces of cake had over the weekend in a wee family celebration.

I was thinking about my post last week where I mentioned the fact that my weight has been stable (within a 4-5lb range) for 6 months now and figured that maybe I needed to make an adjustment to my post titles.

So from now on, as well as the first figure (137 above) showing how many weeks since I set out, it will include a 2nd figure (27 above) showing how long I've been at what Sir Chubalot calls maintenance level.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 12st 7.2lb - 175.2lbs
Body fat: 22.5%
Total Weight Loss: 99.8lbs


Half Man said...

I goosed egged it myself this week. Congrats on 6 months of maintenance. I know it's not exactly where you wanted it, but it is still a great accomplishment. You have come a long way.

S William said...

My weight has been having the same problem.

ArleneWKW said...

Maintenance is good. It's what I failed with once I got to goal the last time.

Kim Ayres said...

Half Man - I'm relatively content with the weight I am now. I just need to make sure I don't start creeping back up.

S William - you're replacing fat with muscle, which is heavier, so that will play havoc with the narrower definitions of weight-loss. Fitness and health are the key - weight is only a rough guide after that

Arlene - it's why I intend to continue to post each week for while to come

Sayre said...

That's half a year of maintaining! That's great, Kim. Keeping it off is sometimes even harder than getting rid of it in the first place, you know!

size8jeans said...

I hit my goal weight for the second time last week. I'll call it official if I can hold onto it this next Sunday (my official weigh-in day). But this combo of NutriSystem and Atkins together has really worked out well and I am at my lowest weight ever in my adult life!

So what do women call themselves when they get to their goal weight? Men have sir and lord; women have lady and...?

Kim Ayres said...

Sayre - This is why it's my belief that it's pointless dieting - the minute we stop dieting, we return to a style of eating that contributed to our weight gain in the first place. All along what I have been doing is eating in a way that I will continue to eat for the rest of my life - healthily :)

Size8 - congratulations! I have no idea what the promotion title would be - maybe you need to hassle Sir Chubalot as he's the one who started the Knights of the Round Bottoms. But I'm sure no one will object if you want to find something :)

Pandora Woman said...


Eating healthy and losing weight in the process is pardon my french EASY *grins as some will say I am cursing*

I dread the day I am at my target weight and have to prove I can keep it at that level.

So I am very impressed You have done so for the last 6 months. I get though from your post you want to lose a little more?

Perhaps your body is happy as it is now, and keeping it at this weight is a good thing, for now at least. To be honest just a feeling I have. I have always been heavy overweight so not much experience in that area, or rather not at all.

But you should be deservedly extremely proud of yourself!

Kim Ayres said...

Pandora - I don't know whether I'm likely to lose any more or not. The fact is I didn't really have a target weight in mind. I've certainly lost more than I originally thought I would. I'm still probably about 15lbs overweight, but if I don't lose any more I'm not going to lose sleep over it. I'm much happier being 175lbs than 275lbs