Monday, January 05, 2009

Week 203

2.6lb gain.

Mixed feelings. On the one hand, this pushes me over 13 and half stone, which is the highest I've been since my journey down started back up again.

However, it also means my total gain over Feastmas was only 6.2lbs. In previous years it's been over 8lbs, so the damage was limited. I know, without any doubt, that it could have been considerably worse.

Hopefully now we can get back on track properly.

Best wishes and Happy New Year to everyone :)

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 13st 7.2lb - 189.2lbs
Body fat: 26.9%
Total Weight Loss: 85.8lbs


antgirl said...

Just let it go and keep going. I found that the most effective way to deal with those things - or to figure out where I went wrong and how I can help myself to do better.

fatmammycat said...

Most, if not everyone, I know-includding me- put on weight over christmas, and it doesn't seem to matter if you're careful or not. As antgirl says, recognise it for the feastmassy blip it is and let it go. In two weeks it will probably be gone and you'll be back to your normal self.

fatmammycat said...

Including, not includding. Sigh.

Sabs said...

Happy new year to you as well!

It is a new week, get back on the wagon and start your journey afresh!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

You're a veteran. You know what you're doing :) I'm sure you'll be back on track :)

Kim Ayres said...

AntGirl - welcome to Losing A Hundredweight! I'm not beating myself up about, just being aware of what's been going on :)

FMC - The trickiest part is regaining the frame of mind that can resist all the temptations. It usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks of solid healthy eating, before the right mental state sets in again. Until then, the battle can be tough.

Never mind the spelling though - it's ony important I know what you mean, not how you spell it :)

Sabs - welcome to Losing A Hundredweight! I started a few days back. I've found Monday is one of the worst days to start anything.

FLG - yeah, it's really scary when I think this is the 4th January I've had to find my way back on track after Feastmas. But yes, we learn, which is why I was writing so much about damage limitation beforehand

Sayre said...

Considering what time of year it is (was), I'd say you did pretty well. My total was 4.5 lbs, which is quite manageable.

I've taken your advice - I will stick with my weightloss blog. But I will not pressure myself to write more than once a week. I may not even give numbers except when doctor visits are done. But after thnking on it, I realize that I do need to do some sort of accounting, even if it's just me and my blog and no one else ever looks at it.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Annie said...

Glad you're back on track Kim. It's so hard when you've allowed yourself 'naughties'. Despite me losing over Christmas and New Year, I'm struggling a bit at the mo. I'm back on the always available soups.. carrot and corriander today. These stop me craving.

You'll be back where you want to be in no time.

Kim Ayres said...

Sayre - 4.5lb I think is pretty good going. And I'm delighted you're continuing the weightloss blog :)

Annie - A good bowl of homemade soup makes such a difference - it's healthy and it's comforting :)

SeaShore said...

It's a victory, then, and I congratulate you.

I felt the same about the amount that I ate at Christmas: it was a whole heck of a lot, but still less than the year before! So yea me, and yea you.

You know it will be off soon.

Kim Ayres said...

SeaShore - if we've done better than last year, there's no reason to beat ourselves up :)

Kanani said...

I lost weight over Christmas. Just didn't have the energy due to a bad cold, and also --no appetite.

Anyway, I find this blog inspiring and honest.

Keep going Kim, I'm rooting for you!

Kim Ayres said...

Oddly enough, Kanani, I have never not had an appetite. No matter how ill I've felt, I could always have devoured something. Anyway, I hope you feel better, or do so soon :)

Yeldarb said...

Not bad, I am not going into details on how many pounds I put on during December but needless to say I WISH is was somewhere NEAR where your count is, none the less keep up the good work and keep FIGHTING THE FAT

Kim Ayres said...

Bradley - amazingly, my word verification is "belly" Does google now have the skill of prophecy I wonder :)