Monday, November 09, 2009

Week 247

0.4lb loss

For what has been a near perfect week, I was hoping for a slightly larger loss. But, a loss is a loss, and I'd have been really pissed off if I'd gained, so I'm content :)

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 13st 11.6lb - 193.6lbs
Body fat: 27.4%
Total Weight Loss: 81.4lbs


Z said...

If I could lose a pound in a week I'd be well content. Even with quite a strict diet, 2 pounds in a month is all I can realistically aim for. So I'm impressed.

fatmammycat said...

Well done Kim! I myself carefully and with great diligence put ON a pound yesterday due to rhubarb and raspberry crumble and full fat to the max Devon custard. But it was worth it and I am hopeful it is now on the gym floor in little individual puddles.

Kim Ayres said...

Z - it was only 0.4lbs this week, but it was still a loss :)

FMC - there are some things that are worth that pound, and I think that's OK. The worst thing is the pound that was gained on stuff we didn't even really enjoy...

Margaret said...

I have a weight loss blog that I'm only doing for 2009. I started at 247.6 and on week 45 (yesterday, Nov. 12) I weighed 206.2 I'm amazed at how long you've kept this going. Congrats.

Kim Ayres said...

Well it's not a time limited thing. The aim is to eat healthily and the weight loss is then a side effect of that.

When I don't eat healthily, the weight starts to creep back on.

One of the most important aspects of doing this blog is when I have a week where I've gained, I have to somehow explain or justify why.

And what I've discovered over the years is no matter how justified the excuses sound in my own head, when I write them down on a public blog, where other people can read them, I see them for how unjustified they usually are.

At last once a week I have to be accountable :)

It's kept going because I started to go back up again, and have been fighting to keep it