Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 284

0.2lb gain

Although it's a gain, I'm delighted with it.

Last week it was my wife's birthday, so in addition to a huge slice of chocolate cake, we'd also had ice cream earlier in the day when we went out for a picnic, and popcorn in the evening when we went to the cinema to see Toy Story 3.

Consequently I had fears of putting on a pound or more. So to have only gained 0.2 of a pound is a good result in my book.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 11st 11.8lb - 165.8lbs
Body fat: 22.1%
Total Weight Loss: 109.2lbs


Morgen said...

Excellent! I bet your metabolism is at a higher rate now, so that gains will be smaller. Don't tempt fate, though...

I'm so proud of you! And I don't know you personally. I just know how hard it is to lose weight.

Kim Ayres said...

It is hard to consistently lose weight and maintain the loss, which is why it's crucial to understand our own relationship with food and how it affects us in a whole variety of different ways. Developing strategies to help makes the difference