Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 Years

It's now almost exactly 10 years since I began a lifestyle change, focusing on "healthy eating" - not dieting.

At that point I was 19 stone 9 pounds - or 275 pounds

This morning I weighed 13 stone exactly - 182 pounds

My lowest point was a few years ago when I was about 20lbs lighter than now, but then it crept back up. I did get as high as 13st 11lbs a couple of years ago, but mostly I've wavered about 5lbs either side of 13 stone.

The main thing about all this is I've kept the vast majority of the weight off.

95-98% of diets end in failure - that is, within 2 to 3 years all the weight has gone back on, and for most, they are even heavier than when they started. Diets don't work, because they do not address the causes of over eating.

I might not be my "ideal weight" according to the height-weight charts (somewhere around 147-158lbs), but at least I'm not permanently carrying an extra 90+ pounds around on me all the time and I have an eating system I can live with long term.

I guess that must count as some kind of success.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 13st - 182lbs
Body fat: 24.8%
Total Weight Loss: 93lbs

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