Friday, July 15, 2005


Since February 2005, I have been steadily losing weight. When I started I was 19 stone 9 pounds, or 275 pounds for those without a calculator. At somewhere around 5' 7" tall, this is not the healthiest weight to be.

However, despite the title of this blog, weight loss hasn’t been the main purpose, rather the aim has been to eat more healthily, and the weight loss has been a by-product of this. At the point of writing this introduction (August 2005) I have lost around 56 lbs, and if I lose that much again, I will still be overweight, but will have lost the hundredweight of the title (that's 112 lbs, 8 stone, 51 kilos or 5% of one ton).

I have had several people ask how I’m doing it, where I get the willpower from, how much I intend to lose and so on. Setting up this blog seemed a good way to answer these questions, and to keep a track of my own progress without it filling up the pages on my main blog (

For me, this is one aspect of my life, not the only one, nor even the prime motivator; however, it does count for something and if anyone else benefits from this in any way, then that can only be for the good.

At this point, I should put in a disclaimer that I am not a nutritionist, doctor or health professional. All I am writing about is my own experience.

I haven’t yet figured out if I can use to archive postings in any way other than by date, so I’ve set this introduction into the future so that it remains at the top.

Over on the right you will find links to postings which are not date specific, and can be commented on at any time. There are other postings which have been imported from my main blog which are observations about my journey towards healthier living.

Please feel free to add comments. I am more than happy to debate causes, motives and solutions.

By the end of March 2007, just over 2 years after I started the changes in my eating habits, I had lost 100lbs. Since then I have been in maintenance mode, and have fluctuated no more than 7lbs either side of this figure. Any further weight loss I might have will be a bonus and continued side effect of eating more healthily, rather than my main focus.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Is 275 pounds really that heavy?

Kim Ayres said...

It is if your heart and muscles haven't eveloved to cope with that amount of weight. I'm afraid I couldn't tell you what a healthy weight for a Gorilla would be though, GB.

Jo said...

I was intrigued by the title of this as I fluctuate around the eight stone mark myself, currently 7st 10.

So, you will lose me, in my entirety! ;)

Kim Ayres said...

Without a doubt, that is a strange thought!

Kim Ayres said...

Natural weight loss - your site is clearly a commercial one and although your comment had a more genuine look about it, I can't be sure so I have deleted it.

For anyone who might be interested you can copy and paste this link, but I'm not going to give the benefit of a google-ranking link unless he comes back and proves a genuine interest.

Anonymous said...

I went form 298lbs to 210lbs in less than a year on a slimming club diet. I have since had 2 children and am back up to 266lbs. I'm totally gutted, not to mention skint! I am now a full time mum and with a family to support on one income and am becomming increasingly frustrated because it seems you can't seek help to loose weight without paying a small fortune for it. I really need help but I can't warrant spending money which could otherwise buy nappies and food for my kids! Sorry to vent my anger here, what do you think is my best option? I think it's amazing what you have achieved.

Kim Ayres said...

Hello Anonymous - if you post again, would you mind leaving a name so I know how to distinguish you from any other anonymous commenter?

Thanks :)

To answer your question as I see it, it does not require money, but thought and personal understanding to lose weight and keep it off.

In brief, if you are overweight you are eating more than your body needs. However, it's not just about calories, it's about health. You need to eat healthily and avoid diets.

So you need to learn to understand the reasons for overeating, which could be many - wrong food choices, addictions, trigger foods, emotional eating, low self esteem and so on.

I would suggest you look through some of the articles I've written, linked to on the sidebar, starting with "Why did I overeat?"

In essence you have to change the way you live and your attitude to food and eating.

Don't think about dieting, think about becoming healthy and any weightloss as a side effect of taking care of yourself.

Feel free to post comments and questions, but please give me a name to chat to, rather than anonymous which is a bit impersonal :)

Brenda said...

I just read your Food Addiction and I answered yes to 14 of them.

Kim Ayres said...

Brenda - look down the sidebar and you'll see you're not alone :)

Sarah said...

Hi! So this is my first time ever leaving a post, but this is a really big issue for me. I make an effort to eat right and move around a bit so I can stay healthy. But my dad doesn't. I mean, he wants to eat healthily (at least he says so), but he just doesn't. And it is so hard to tell him to eat right! (Please keep in mind that I am his 15 year old daughter telling him to put down that third slice of cake. It is rather difficult.) I really REALLY want him to be around for a long time...a long, long time. I was wondering if you had any ideas on how I could help him. Or something. Ugh! I don't know. But, I really liked your blog and you have lost a ton (well, not quite that much)of weight. And my dad has a beard as well. And I took that as promising. Thank you for your time!

Kim Ayres said...

Sarah - welcome to Losing a Hundredwight and thank you for taking the time to comment :)

The reasons why people eat more than they need to are often varied and complex. If you look at my post "Why did I Overeat?" on the sidebar, you'll see some of the reasons that effected me.

I'm afraid I cannot give an easy answer - to make the kinds of changes necessary in his life, it has to come from him.

Its a bit like asking an alcohlic to give up drinking, or a drug addict to quit drugs. The nature of addiction means it's incredibly difficult to do so.

This doesn't mean it's impossible, but it means you have to want to do it so much you are prepared to go through the pain and difficulties required over a long period of time.

You can suggest things to your father, and you can give him help and support. But you do need to know you are not responsible for his actions. If he does not follow the path you would like him to, it is for his reasons, and you cannot feel guilty about that.

Respectfully Yours said...

Great job on the slow and steady weight loss. Love your site, provides a wonderful support system of those of us struggling with the challenge of losing weight. Might be nice to include a weight converter for those visiting your site that live out of the UK.

Respectfully Yours said...

My apologies, I see you were steps ahead of me. After returning to your blog to read more I discovered you have already put a converter on site. Missed it the first time around. Much thanks.

Kim Ayres said...

Respectfully Yours - welcome to Losing a Hundredweight :)

Lee said...

Hi Kim, stumbled across your blog and have to say I immediately laughed at your comment about having breasts, I used to say something similar. Reading more I just wanted to commend you on your efforts, I too am trying to lose weight, admittedly not as much, but enough to have to work hard at it, coupled with an excercise routine to get me in shape for a charity cycle ride in April 2010. Please feel free to visit my blog -

Thanks, Lee

Kim Ayres said...

Lee - thanks for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog. I wish you all the very best on your journey :)