Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Week 34

Now that I’m a member of the Knights of the Round Bottom, I guess I’m going to have to keep a public track of my weight losses/gains/plateaus.

Well I’ve lost another pound since last week, which takes me through another barrier. Now I know that dropping from 210 pounds to 209 doesn’t sound like it’s worth making a fuss about, but if you change the weight measurements into stones then you see that I have gone from 15 stone to 14st 13lb. And to think that I am now under 15 stone gives me quite a thrill.

So, statistical summary:

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb – 275 lbs
Current Weight: 14st 13lb – 209lbs
Total Weight Loss: 66lbs
Weight Lost since joining the Knights of the Round Bottoms: 1lb


fatmammycat said...

Well done! It is a huge boost to the see the jump from 15 to 14, you know you're heading in the right direction.

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you for your support fatmammycat - positive words of encouragement are always appreciated :)