Friday, January 13, 2006


Although I created this site back in August, I really have no idea if anyone actually looks at it, other than myself, fatmammycat and one or two of the Knights of the Round Bottoms.

So I've got round to adding a visitor counter. Because I have no idea how many visitors this site gets, I have started it at zero (or 1, as I guess I'm the first one to look at it), and I'll just see how it goes.

This is a move based in curiosity rather than part of an overall strategy to help me boost my ratings, as my main blog, is where I post most of my stuff. This site is here for me to keep a track of my weight and post stuff about eating and health as and when I think about it. It will stay here regardless of visitor numbers.

When I started this site, I did hope that more people (or anyone really) would start posting comments on the posts about healthy eating and the dangers of dieting, (see right). But either everyone agrees with me or no one's looking.

Now I can find out. Really should have done this months ago.

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