Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Week 55

3lb loss!


This week I've been eating healthily the whole time and my meals have been tasty, filling and healthy. I've also been a bit more active.

There are no secrets - cut out the processed food from your life; eat brown instead of white; avoid the trigger foods (for me that means bread, crisps (potato chips), sweets (candy)); and eat plenty of fruit and veg.

And surprise, surprise, the system of focusing on healthy eating rather than dieting, that has accounted for all the weight loss to date, is working again.

After the struggle of recent weeks I almost wept with relief this morning.

Statistical significance
As well as dropping below the 200lb mark again (198lbs), and reaching my lowest weight since I began this way of eating 55 weeks ago, being 14st 2lbs means that I have lost 5 and a half stone since I began. For those not used to stones, each half stone (7lbs) is a significant marker.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb – 275lbs
Current Weight: 14st 2lb – 198lbs
Total Weight Loss: 77lbs
Weight Lost since joining the Knights of the Round Bottoms: 12lb


fatmammycat said...

Yeah baby! I told you we'd be smugging it this week! Well done Toots, well played sir.

Don Q. said...

In the words of James Brown:


Good job.

Lord Lessismore said...

You da man! Excellent progress and most excellent strategy for success. You've spread inspiration far and wide with your accomplishment -- I plan to go raisin & banana shopping this morning in celebration and confirmation. Thanks for sharing!

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you all for the praise. I shall indeed allow myself a smug moment


Joel said...

Splendid job Sir Boobs. Now I won't have to leave you a nasty comment.

KOTRB Oracle, Retired
(for the time being anyway)

ArleneWKW said...

Congratulations on seeing your efforts pay off so handsomely. Beside getting rid of the weight, staying on track for 55 weeks (even with occassional blips off the track)is, I think, a major accomplishment. A hearty hooray for you!

Kim Ayres said...

Joel/Tim - May thanks for all the encouragement and advice over the months. I hope you consider coming out of retirement before long.

Arlene - thank you very much!