Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Week 75

I have no idea how much I weigh as hoards of grandchildren have descended on the house. OK, some might consider the word “hoards” to be a slight exaggeration for “two”, but the impact is the same. With my stepdaughter and children staying with us, the household has almost doubled in size meaning that the kitchen, where we usually weigh ourselves, is constantly occupied, or likely to be invaded at any point, by children, grandchildren or adults.

"Well why not weigh yourselves in the bathroom like most people?" you may well ask. The answer to that lies in the fact that there are very few level floors in this house, and even fewer that aren't carpeted. The readings on the scales can vary depending on where we place them, so in order to keep a consistency we place them in the same place in the kitchen each week for our weigh-in.

To be honest, I'm not optimistic that I would have lost anything anyway, due to the fact that it was Maggie's birthday on Friday (cue lots of cake and treats) which followed a week of varied eating patterns while we tried to re-establish the food stocks after being away.

So, next week there will be no excuses and my weight will be posted whatever it is.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Week 74

1lb gain!

Yes folks, I'm back from 2 weeks in France, eating baguettes and croissants and drinking French wine and I've only put on 1 pound!


Who's the Daddy?

Woohoo again!

Post holiday analysis reveals that although we ate far more white bread and cheese, it wasn't on top of anything else.

The simple fact is, that my standard healthy eating patterns mean that I can lose between one and two pounds a week, especially if I don't cheat and I'm a bit more active. So I can actually increase my food/calorie intake by up to 30 - 40% and stay at the same weight. Obviously in the long term I don't wish to stay at the same weight, but it does give me a bit more built-in flexibility on a 2 week holiday.

And it was all about damage limitation again.

We might have had a day where we had large croissants for breakfast and a large hunk of baguette & cheese for lunch, but then we'd have a good vegetable based dinner and we managed to avoid getting back into the habit of evening snacking, which was always the killer.

It also helps that, as Fatmammycat pointed out would probably be the case before I left, we were inevitably more active. OK, we weren't surfboarding or mountain climbing, but walking round towns, strolling along beaches and visiting ruined castles is more active than the usual pastime of sitting in front of the computer or the TV.

So by continuing to eat healthily when we could, we had enough leeway to have some real treats, often on a daily basis.

We are feeling so pleased with ourselves, and it reinforces the idea that we have genuinely found the route that works for us.

I think I will allow myself a wee *smug* moment :)

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb – 275lbs
Current Weight: 13st 4lb – 186lbs
KoTRB Weight Lost : 24lb
Total Weight Loss: 89lbs