Monday, January 29, 2007

Week 102

1lb loss!

I'm pleased with the pound loss. It's been a tough week emotionally, with declining health issues for Maggie's parents and my own battles with trying to make sense of my existence in the universe.

There have been plenty of time that I've wanted to wolf down the entire contents of the fridge, freezer and food cupboards, but at the back of my head has been the voice that is determined to try and keep some kind of control. So on the couple occasions where I have indulged, I've managed to keep them contained, and I feel pleased about that.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb – 275lbs
Current Weight: 12st 11.8lb – 179.8lbs

Body fat: 23.9%
Total Weight Loss: 95.2lbs


fatmammycat said...

Well donw Kim, hope this week is a happier one for you.

Anonymous said...

Well done on losing weight during troubled times. I too hope that this weeks brings more happiness and sustained weight loss.

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks FMC. I get my next quarterly B12 Jab tomorrow, so I'm hoping that might give me a bit of a boost.

Weight-trimmer - thank you, and welcome, officially, to the Knights of the Round Bottoms.

Sayre said...

I haven't lost any this week. It's been a slower week than usual for me!

Hope this week is much better for you!

Don Q. said...

Have you come up with anything on the purpose of existence? Always looking for ideas.

Kim Ayres said...

Sayre - you'll get there :)

Lord Chubalot - unfortunately this in one of my struggles. If you've been to my main blog, you'll see there have been a couple of recent entries on the subject - Who, what, why and Total perspective vortex

Anonymous said...

Is that body fat readng correct this week? Seems much higher than previous weeks? Do you use body fat scales, do you find them useful. Considering getting some myself, as it would be nice to monitor weight composition, especially as I have increased my excerise and have started adding muscle weight.

Kim Ayres said...

You're absolutely right, WT, it should read 23.9, not 29.3 - I'll change it when I've finished writing this.

As for how useful the body-fat thing is, the answer is "not a lot at the moment". I don't really know what to do with it or how much I should be worrying about it.

I do know that as you get closer to your target weight, actual height-weight ratio (BMI) is not so good an indicator of overall health. You can be thin but still have a high body fat content, which BMI will never show up, especially as muscle mass weighs more than fat.

When we decided to update our scale, we figured we may as well get ones that measured body-fat.

It isn't as consistent as weight - I can weigh less one week, but have a higher body fat percentage, so this is an area I feel quite ignorant about

Anonymous said...

Making sense of one's existence in the universe (oeitu) continues to be a puzzlement for me. I'll have to check your main blog to see your thoughts on this. (My current thought is that I don't have to make sense of oeitu; just experience the moment and all that fine and furry stuff.)

As to getting rid of the pound, Excellent.

Anonymous said...

You've done really awesome!

All I've managed to do lately is lose some of my b-day binge weight.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use the body fat measurement on the scale more than once a month. It will read up and down over the course of the month, fluctuating with how hydrated you are, etc.

I only have my body fat done every three months or so at the gym.

Kim Ayres said...

I got mugged by Blogger the other day into updating to the new Blogger 2. Quite apart from the fact that I didn't want to, I've now discovered that some bloggers have ended up anonymous!

However, according to my inbox...

Anon 1 is Arlene - making sense of my own existence is a constant struggle for me. It was one of the reasons I was drawn to study philosophy at university and also one of the things I can obsess about when I'm low.

Anon 2 & 3 is Lady Atkins - thanks for the support. I'll post the weekly fat, but only to see if there's a long term trend. You're right - it fluctuates too much for a precise view of things