Monday, April 02, 2007

Week 111

1.4lb gain

Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.

I thought I was going to be OK this week. In fact I was actually convinced I should have lost a pound, maybe two. Right up until the point that Maggie reminded me about The Chocolate Cake.

I'm still annoyed though. Apart from that I've had a near perfect week.

Now I'm going to yo-yo around the 100 pound mark for weeks and weeks to come. What I would like now is to get comfortably past this marker so that pound or two wobble isn't going to push me back over the wrong side of it again. But on Friday I'm meeting a friend for lunch and then we've got a big family meal in the evening, which is always worth 2 or 3 lbs.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 12st 8.4lb - 176.4lbs
Body fat: 23.3%
Total Weight Loss: 98.6lbs


fatmammycat said...

Oh well. Like your good lady wife said, chocolate cake.
I like the new banner, awesome to see the changes in the photos like that.

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks FMC. I'm still not sure about the banner yet. I wanted to have something that reflects the physical changes, but I'm not sure this one works. But it's there now until I can think of something else.

Sayre said...

You might wobble a bit, but you're still headed downward. If you celebrate the end of classes with that cake, maybe it's a good thing there won't be more? I think I gained a pound just reading about the thing!!!

Kim Ayres said...

I didn't celebrate the end of every class with a cake, only the last class in the course. But yes, it was the kind of cake that you put on a pound reading about, put on 2 if you look at it and 3 if you smell it and 4 if you place a bit in your mouth.

Fat Victoria said...

I had a small gain last week, too. No worries. :)

Kim Ayres said...

Ah well, I'm heading back in the right direction again now :)