Monday, June 18, 2007

Week 122

0.8lb gain.

Considering it was my son's birthday this weekend so I had birthday cake, popcorn from our trip to the cinema and various other treats to contend with, I feel less than a one pound gain is quite a remarkable achievement.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 12st 6.8lb - 174.8lbs
Body fat: 23.2%
Total Weight Loss: 100.2lbs


Sayre said...

As long as your swing isn't over two pounds on one side or the other, I'd consider it maintenance until you're up for doing more.

I've been thinking about your health issues. I've lately been having some tingling in my legs and arms. Thinking diabetes warning sign, I googled that symptom and found something interesting. It's most common cause is a b-12 deficiency, which in turn causes anemia. Not due to lack of iron, but the b-12 problem inhibits the absorption of iron. You can have tons of iron in your body (toxic levels even) and still be anemic due to this problem. I saw a recommendation of weekly b-12 shots and if shots aren't possible, then the suggestion was taking it nasally. Just tossing that out there...

Kim Ayres said...

Hi Sayre,

The B12 was the 1st thing that came up and I've been getting shots for it over the past year. What the doctor and I have both concluded, however, is that it can't JUST be the B12, otherwise once I started getting the injections I should have stopped feeling tired

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

Did you take your measurements for the Waist-Hip Ratio? I am 1.2 (which is too high).

I am down 11 lbs and one belt notch since I started my program. All I have done so far is just watch the sneaky calories in the evening (e.g. 3 or 4 or 5 cookies with tea!) and not take extra helpings at dinner...

Thanks for being a source of encouragement with your blog.

Kim Ayres said...

Anonymous - I haven't tried the ratio yet as I'm not sure I have a tape measure about. Well, I do have one of those metal ones in the tool box, but I wasn't sure whether that would work.

Well done on the loss - controlling evening snacking is a big thing. I've heard actors who need to bulk up for roles find the easiest way to put on weight is snack a lot in the evenings

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Thanks :)