Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 231

2lb gain

The healthy eating taketh it away and the unhealthy eating giveth it back :(

And it's Maggie's birthday today so I can't envisage a great loss next week...

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 13st 10.4lb - 192.4lbs
Body fat: 27%
Total Weight Loss: 82.6lbs


Anonymous said...

Ever try giving up refined carbs Kim? The Paramour- in an attempt to be ever faster on the football field even as he ages- has of late given up bread and pasta and the like ( even beer!). I did ages ago, but he was unconvinced at the time and he is his own man. Anyhoo, he decided to try it and of course immediately dropped 4 kilos in the space of two weeks. First week he found it difficult, this week, with some tweaking and adding sweet potatoes and so on to the mix, he's flying.
You may have done all this of course-or not be slightly interested. But I'm just throwing it out there if you feel you're at a bit of a plateau.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Perhaps making a sacrifice to the god of the food pyramid will help? Maggie's birthday could coincides with this quite well, as you could slaughter and carve a cake! :D

Happy Birthday to Maggie!

I personally put the blame on the CFS. If you had the extra energy to exercise you wouldn't just have to rely on the food =/

Anonymous said...

Oh how rude of me. And happy birthday to Maggie!

Kim Ayres said...

FMC - we tend to eat brown instead of white in most cases. But to be honest, I don't think I've plateaued - I can see exactly where it's going wrong. What I need to do is stay on track with the system that brought me down in weight in the first place.

The 2 biggest problems are

a) as FLG points out, having the CFS (and currently anaemia - see main blog) prevents me from being able to burn off more with high levels of activity; and

b) experience has shown if I can get through 3 weeks or so of staying completely on track, then it starts to become much easier, and even a blow-out day every now and then won't do any harm. But if I fall down before I reach the 3 week mark it's like back to square one all over again, and I have another 3 weeks to face.

So the real problem is not a plateau, but for various reasons I've not managed to keep solidly on track for at least 3 weeks. Sometimes I manage a clear week; sometimes 2. But the constant battle becomes extremely wearing and easier to give in to, especially if there's a sudden change of routine - going away for a couple of days, or celebrations etc.

The positive thing is I do know what works, and have proved it. But like climbing a tree, most of the struggle is getting to the first branch.

FLG - if I sacrificed Maggie's cake, she'd throw me on the pyre with it!

Thank you both for the birthday wishes - I will pass them on :)

CG said...

I have been getting on well with the Harcombe diet although I'm looking at it more as a new way of eating than a diet as such. It has zapped my food cravings on the head; I've always "failed" at dieting before because I'd sabotage myself with mini-binges of mainly refined carbs and chocolate.

antgirl said...

Try just changing one habit for something better. Something you can stick to. It made a big difference for me. :)

Have a great celebration with Maggie.

Pandora Woman said...

Hey Kim,

Happy Birthday to Maggie! It is quite...what is the word.... well as ever wonderful to see the love you have for her as you mention her quite fondly now and then.

So I hope you and her and all you love and cherish had a blast.

As for the options I read about adjusting food intake, and following pre set diets. I am one of the people who detests doing that. I just eat healthy, period.

No magic lists of food that you should or should not eat. Because these lists will never last my life time. At some point in time I tend to get fed up, start "sinning", and loose the drive to go on. And all my efforts go to waste.

One of my colleagues is on a diet of pre processed powders and drinks, hoping to loose weight. She can just eat vegetables with them, and then only sone. No fruit, no carbs, nothing. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Every day I tell her I think she is fantastic, because I just do not have the will power to stick to such a diet.

And so I take the easy way out. I eat healthy. This means I CAN eat my chocolate, ice craem and french fries, but don't always DO it.

Always nice to read of your exploits!


Kim Ayres said...

CG - welcome to Losing a Hundredweight, and thank you for taking the time to comment :)

I think any chance of success has to be a lifestyle change and not a temporary diet.

Antgirl - when we're on track, all these things are tackled. But, as I replied to FMC above, it's the getting back and staying on track for at least 3 weeks that tends to be the stumbling point

Pandora - Maggie and I have been together nearly 19 years and our souls have grown completely entwined.

I wouldn't go near those pre-processed drinks & powders - not only do I consider them a fad and more than a little dangerous - what happens when she stops? She still hasn't addressed her reasons for overeating in the first place and her body will react against suddently having real calories again. Within 2 years she will be bigger than when she started. Don't envy her - eating healthily is by far and away the best thing to do - it will also keep you in good health :)

CG said...

I'm juliem on the Corner, Kym!

Kim Ayres said...

I'll keep an eye out for you :)