Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Week 88

1lb gain

As predicted last week, the sub-13st didn't last. A big lunch with fellow blogger Dr Maroon (Soup & Roll followed by A Feast of Fish), followed by a huge meal out with the family last Thursday ensured I wouldn't be losing anything this week. Then there have been the depressive bouts which have led to a couple of bowls of evening ice-cream (I know, I know). All in all I've got off pretty lightly with only a 1lb gain.

And as it's my 40th birthday tomorrow, I fully expect a couple more pounds to be added next week too.

One odd thing I noticed with my new scales this morning, was that despite going up by 1lb since last week, my body fat seems to have increased by one whole percentage point, which seems a bit extreme for a gain of 0.5% of my body mass.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb – 275lbs
Current Weight: 13st 0.6lb – 182.6lbs
Body fat: 25.4%
Total Weight Loss: 92.4lbs


Sayre said...

Don't despair, Kim. Once you snap out of the oh-my-god-I'm-40 funk, it'll go away in no time.

After all, 40 is just a number, and if you look at things honestly, isn't life better now than it was at, say, 30? or 20? I'd NEVER want to be in my 20s again. Sure, the bod was great but the rest of me was a mess. I'm much less stupid at 44 - and much happier.

Happy birthday, Kim! Have many more and healthier ones in the years to come!

Dr Maroon said...

Perhaps that august body, the Knights of the Round Bottoms, may be interested to know how, with the help of the waiter, I tied you to your seat and force fed you “ Traditional Scottish Fayre “ *.

Dear reader, the man was a champion!
Eschewing the healthy option menu as “ only fit for organ grinders ”, Sir Kim set to with gusto, demolishing the American portions with √©lan before doing ample justice to a trifle and a seed cake from the baker’s next door.
The only redemption came in the shape of a low calorie soft drink.

* Traditional Scottish Fayre involves deep frying.

Take for example, the healthy satisfying Cobb Salad.

In Scotland, we make it in exactly the same way, but, and here it gets tricky, we take the result and deep fry it in batter, and, not content with that, we pour hot grease from the pan over the result and serve immediately. Mmmmmm.

fatmammycat said...

Docky, you are such a tattle tail.
I keep telling you Kim 40 it the new 30.

Kim Ayres said...

Sayre - Thank you

Dr Maroon - mmmm... traditional cobb salad... mmmm

My favourite is the traditional fish supper, where you take deep fried, battered fish and chips, then wrap them in old newspaper, dip the whole thing in batter then deep fry it again.

FMC - but they don't call it the 18-40 club, now do they?

TC said...

Don't beat yourself up. You will get back at it. Like Sayre said, after you get out of the funk. Btw, some of the sexiest guys I have ever met were over 40. 40 is just a number, that means you were lucky enough to live another year!


Anonymous said...

Since its now the 25th....Happy Birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

By my counting that would mean you've shed 2 Nicole Ritchies or 1 1/2 Poshs.

That's good going.

Kim Ayres said...

TC - Ah, now, I never said I wasn't sexy...

Sir Squishy - Many thanks. I did overdo it somewhat, especially with the birthday cake. You can read more about that on my main blog at "Hung over"

Monty - welcome to Losing a Hundredweight. It also comes in at about 3 Calista Flockharts

ArleneWKW said...

Ah, yes, I remember when 40 seemed old. Congratulations on literally bringing less to the table than you did a year ago.

Joel said...

Greetings from afar, and welcome to the world of the 40 somethings, at least what's left of you. Your dedication to your quest is impressive to say the least.

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you Arlene.

Joel - if you visit my main blog and read Am I in the midst of a mid-life crisis? then you'll be pleased to know I've even bought myself a bike (only been out on it once so far, mind you...).