Monday, November 06, 2006

Week 90

1lb loss!

A week of crawling up the walls, frequently curling up in the foetal position, and periodically trying to chew my own tongue off rather than submit to the cravings seems to have paid off with a 1lb loss, barely a couple of ounces away from the 13 stone mark.

I'd like to think that there will come a time when I'm not bothered by cravings for perhaps months at a time. But there are times that it feels like the rest of my life will be spent wanting an extra portion, fighting with myself over whether to have a scone if I'm out for a coffee, and eyeing up my children's desert while slavering into my beard.

Is there anyone out there who can truthfully tell me that there will come a time when the cravings will completely disappear?

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb – 275lbs
Current Weight: 13st 0.2lb – 182.2lbs
Body fat: 24.5%
Total Weight Loss: 92.8lbs


Twisted Cinderella said...

Congrats on your loss!!! My cravings have never disappeared.

thanks for your visit to my blog. In response, I just wanted to add:

I find that for me grazing all day works better than limiting myself to 3 meals a day. If I keep within my points and eat a variety of low points items, I am satisfied all day and I lose weight.

But if I try to arrange my points so that I am eating larger points items, fewer times a day, I end up starving and I end up cheating, setting myself up to fail.

I feel like understanding how I work, how my eating works, and working within that framework is a wiser course of action. It is a way of eating I can maintain all my life, even after I get to goal.

This way of eating has enabled me to lose 65 lbs. It is only when I strayed from this framework and tried to change to CORE that I stopped losing weight.

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks TC. You're right - you have to find the method that works for you.

Sayre said...

I don't know for sure about food... Right now, when I'm eating something I concentrate of feeling the fat on my tongue. If I can feel it making that weird coating there, that pretty much kills any craving I might have for it. I am so done with pastry!

Kim Ayres said...

But the fat tastes soooo goooood...

ArleneWKW said...

There might be someone "out there who can truthfully tell (you) that there will come a time when the cravings will completely disappear," but it sure ain't me. That's why my blog is entitled "Getting Rid of the Regain." (It would probably be more accurate to call it "Getting Rid of the Re-re-re-re-re-re-regain."

But . . . I will say this: The cravings are easier to manage if you hold the reins tight enough to begin with. There was a point when I wasn't tempted by ice cream and other binge foods that currently seduce me. They had become virtual non-food items for me. I didn't even think of eating them anymore than I might think of eating my computer monitor. (Actually, I could occasionally and appropriately enjoy them.) Also, when I was habitually self disciplined, my list of what Weight Watchers calls "red light foods" had no items on it. Now there are many foods that I'd describe as "red light" foods.

It's the habit of self discipline that makes self discipline easier.

Kim Ayres said...

I'm not sure what it is Arlene. There was a time when, like you say, it seemed so much easier - most of the time it wasn't on the agenda and I was OK with that.

But it feels like the last few months especially have been an almost constant battle and I begin to wonder whether the cravings willever go away.

Don Q. said...

Cravings are tough, especially since I think you need to give into them every now and again. Unfortunatley, the amount you should give into them is inversely proportional to how often you have them.

Each time I go off the range for a while it is hard work to re-condition my body not to crave the crap, but it does always get better.

Do they ever go away completely? Yes, I'm sure they do. Sadly, we cannot speak with the dead to verify this.

Every Friday at work someone brings doughnuts. It used to kill me to walk by these, but it ain't so hard know. I still linger, but Id on't feel like gnawing my fingers off anymore.

Mr. and Mrs. Fat said...

love your website. we have no answer to your cravings, we breakdown all the time, and hop back in the saddle for another bout with what seems futility. we fear the next few months of holiday madness. reading everyone's elses struggles and triumphs certainly helps. you are to be commended for your weight loss.

- the fats

Kim Ayres said...

Don, Lord Chubalot - you're absolutely right. I think that when we keep "allowing" ourselves little treats, all we really do is recondition our bodies to start craving them again. Respect to you for resisting the doughnuts!

Mr & Mrs Fat - welcome to Losing a Hundredweight and thank you for your warm words. I've also added a link to site from my sidebar

Kim Ayres said...

Yes it does get easier - stick with it and the worst of the cravings eventually pass

-Kim of the future-