Monday, February 26, 2007

Week 106

1.4lb gain.

Aw shite.

Well the only consolation with the weight gain this week is at least it came from a nice weekend away with my wife - coffees & shortbread in the afternoons, a meal out in the evening and a full English fry-up for breakfast.

But now the excuses are really all used up and I hope that next week will show a change in the direction of my weight.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 12st 13.2lb - 181.2lbs
Body fat: 23.9%
Total Weight Loss: 93.8lbs


Weight-Trimmer said...

Hey Kim,
You have been on your journey for sometime. I guess with any long journey, you have to stop-off for some gas once in a while. Im sure you will be back on the road motoring your way to your destination very soon. Thanks for dropping in and commenting on my blog. The support is appreciated. I will be requiring some help very shortly as I have a 10 day business trip in the states next month .... and I already feel I will struggle to keep on track, away from home, out of a routine, and with cheap unhealthy food on tap!!! Any advice for "survival" during these times???

Kim Ayres said...

When travelling, the routine is broken and it's so much harder to stay on track. So the first thing to try and keep in mind is "Damage Limitation"

Each time you have less fries, a smaller burger, skip the cola etc, it's less you're going to have to deal with later. If you end up putting on 6lbs while you're away, better that than putting on 10lbs.

The 2nd thing to think of is if you've identified any "trigger foods" - that is, what are the foods that are most likely to set you off on a binge. If you can avoid, or at least limit, them it will make life easier.

One thing I've found sometimes helps is to think vegetarian. unless their only option is macaroni cheese, most vegetarian meals tend to be healthier than meat based ones when eating out. Depending on where you are in the States, asking for a vegetarian option might just get you locked up as unpatriotic, so obviously use your discretion :)

I don't know whether any of that helps at all, but it's something to mull over anyway.

Sayre said...

The States CAN be very diet-friendly if you make the right choices. A lot of restaurants offer steamed veggies with brown rice and a salad. Even the fast food places can be okay. Just don't be swayed by the smell of the fried stuff. It can be hard. Check out the fruit and yogurts at McDonalds. The salads are okay, but watch the dressing and any added meats - they can kill you on the calorie counts. If you have a refridgerator and microwave in your hotel room, you can do a lot of damage control by making a trip to a corner store and getting some soup, fruit or other "like-home" foods to have on hand rather than eating out the whole time. I try to do this when I travel away from home.

And Kim - what weight-trimmer said. You know what to do. Get back on the horse and ride, baby!

Who ate all the Carbs? said...

I'm not so sure about the States being all that Veg-friendly...some places I've been in (read:most) tend to have fried onions as the most readily available vegetable! :)

Steamed veg...I guess it is available but the variety is so limited that if you don't really like the taste of yellow carrots or bell peppers you're pretty much screwed.

Kim Ayres said...

Sayre - I think the biggest problem is the mindset.

It's like when I gave up smoking - I had to give up several times - the one after a meal, the one with a coffee, the one while driving etc. Each cigarette had it's own set of habits associated with it. I knew so many people who gave up until they went out for a drink, then were back on it again. Giving up the cigarette with alcohol was like a separate addiction than the one with a coffee.

Food is similar - we have to learn how to eat sensibly at home, and then have to learn all over again how to do so in cafes and restaurants and in other people's houses.

Sir Carbfiend - I see you have joined the Knights so I've added you to the KoTRB List

Weight-Trimmer said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for th pointers. Ill hopefully stay on track stateside.
The kOTRB's seems to be growing well at the moment!

ArleneWKW said...

The foods you've been mentioning in your last couple of blogs sound highly tempting. I can just about catch the fragrance of shortbread baking through my computer. It's time to seal the windows and lock the doors (and notch up the security on my computer). You've developed these skills and will master the shortcake in all its various forms.

Kim Ayres said...

Weight-Trimmer - I hope it goes well for you - do make sure you post about what happens.

Arlene - my god, are they tempting! However, this week has gone well and I'm feeling a sense of control coming back