Monday, July 16, 2007

Week 126

1.4lb gain.

Not too surprising. I can account for this with a combination of a couple of celebratory deserts and my kids doing some home baking, which was far tastier than I expected.

Big meal out tonight too, so I'll need to be vigilant the rest of the week.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 12st 5.6lb - 173.6lbs
Body fat: 22.5%
Total Weight Loss: 101.4lbs


Half Man said...

Well, you know what you did and you know what to do. I am sure you will turn it around.

Sayre said...

Darn those unexpected sweets!!!! My husband did that to me yesterday, but I only had one. It was tough.

ArleneWKW said...

Well, you've developed the habit of vigilance.

I read your 2 prior posts without leaving a comment. I think you make some excellent points, particularly in noting that the same behavior can have multiple causes. I think the whole addiction thing is complicated and shows up differently in different people. You show by your success how you can turn it around by fiercely working on the development of new habits. You may still be vulnerable to the dynamics of addiction, for example by allowing too many baked goodies to become habitual. As long as your remain vigilant to continue your more healthful lifestyle after a few such indulgences, you'll keep the addiction dynamics from gaining ground. They hover nearby and are always ready to embrace you.

Pandora Woman said...

Me, I have my weighing day today, and I think I may be in trouble. *grins*

I always get insecure on that day, but I am so happy I have no scales in the house to drive me mad every day.

What does boost my morale is reading your blog, because that 100 mark is something I will make!

Thanks for your inspiring and above all honest blog!

Kim Ayres said...

Half Man - being aware of what I did is one of the key things. I was interested in your recent post where you talked of eating your meal and not even realising you'd done it. I know that so well. Fortunately it happens a lot less often these days

Sayre - if anything points to how much emotion we have invested in food, it's not being able to say no to something a loved one has made for us.

Arlene - It's a particularly tough time at the moment. There are things going on that I cannot blog about, but my comfort and self medication pathways are still rooted in food. This week is turning into a major battlefield.

Pandora - Thank you for your warm words. I only weigh myself once a week. I wouldn't want to do it in front of anyone else though

ArleneWKW said...

Ah, sorry to hear that Kim. I hope you can remain strong and rooted in your success; that your transgressions are minor if you can't; and then your able to reharnass your strength if it's depleted by what you are now going through.

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you Arlene