Monday, October 08, 2007

Week 138 - 28

1.4lb loss!

I'm happy with that.

Been pretty much on track all week, except an ice-cream over the weekend and a bar of chocolate last night. I'd had a long day loading the new computer with all the data from the old one and was fragile and shattered by the end of the day. I gave in to a bar of Green & Black's Mint Organic Dark Chocolate (70%). It was damn good. However, back on track today.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 12st 5.8lb - 173.8lbs
Body fat: 23%
Total Weight Loss: 101.2lbs


fatmammycat said...

You know I don't like chocolate much, I'm more of a savoury person, but damn, I had a square of that stuff the other day and it was delicious.

Dr Maroon said...

I like cheap choklit best. the stuff from Tesco that's about 1% actual chochochlit
God knows what the rest is.

Half Man said...

Nice loss. I have to be very, very careful around chocolate...and ice cream...and cake...and cookies...and candy...and everything sweet.

ArleneWKW said...

"Green & Black's Mint Organic Dark Chocolate (70%)"

Mmmmmmmmmmm, I can smell it through the computer. Good thing I can't reach in and grab.

Kim Ayres said...

FMC - don't like chocolate but do like exercise- sometimes I marvel at the variety of the human race

Dr Maroon - laxative I think

Half Man - one of the biggest problems is actually my wife's home baking. She tried another recipe out yesterday with warm baked shortbread with a homemade raspberry jam filling...

Arlene - don't even think about looking to see if you can order online.

S William said...

Way to bounce back. I hope to catch some of that mojo this week.

Kim Ayres said...

S William - big meal out with the family this Friday, so I don't hold out much hope for a repeat performance at next week's weigh-in