Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 319

Accumulated gain - 1lb

Last week I wasn't around on Monday, having been away for the weekend. However, on Tuesday I weighed in at 175lbs - a 3.2lb gain on the previous week.

It didn't make sense and I decided to just see what this week said instead.

Sure enough I seem to have dropped over 2lbs since last week - which again seems unlikely.

The 1lb up from 2 weeks ago seems about right, so I think last week's reading was just a blip and can be safely ignored.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb - 275lbs
Current Weight: 12st 4.8lb - 172.8lbs
Body fat: 23.9%
Total Weight Loss: 102.2lbs


Doug said...

Ahh the scale. I'm just getting back into weighing myself regularly. I found that for whatever reason my weight swings about 5-10 (!!!) pounds throughout a weeks time, depending on salt intake and water intake.

For that reason I try to use an average of a weeks weights, but I can understand only weighing once a week too.

Kim Ayres said...

A 10lb swing through a week is one hell of a swing. Do you weigh yourself at the same time each day?