Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Week 63

1lb loss!

Statistical Significance: I have lost exactly 6 stone.

OK, for Americans and Europeans the archaic measurement of 1 stone = 14 pounds might seem to be a bit of an odd thing to use as a marker. But here in the UK, everyone measures themselves in stones, so it is a major cause for celebration when you have lost one.

However, what is far weirder than this imperial measurement is the fact that it is also the same amount of weight as my 10 year old son. The idea that if I picked up Rogan and then stood on the scales, I would weigh exactly the same as when I began this healthy eating lifestyle is incredibly difficult for me to really get my head around.

Starting Weight: 19st 9lb – 275lbs
Current Weight: 13st 9lb – 191lbs
KoTRB Weight Lost : 19lb
Total Weight Loss: 84lbs


fatmammycat said...

Clappity clap, 6 stone! Imagine you used to carry that around with you all day! Bravo.

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you, FMC :)

ArleneWKW said...

Wow! That thing about you're son's weight is a mind bender indeed. I think I prefer lbs. over stones when getting rid of the weight. It would take me about 3 months to get rid of a stone at my usual rate. I might have to see about crushing the stones and turning them into pebbles. On the other hand, I'd have less stones to get rid of than lbs. It seems strange to me though. I thought you were using the metric system on your side of the pond.

Kim Ayres said...

It's metric in Europe. If you're buying produce in the UK, it comes in Kilos, but enyone over the age of about 20 still measures their weight in stones and pounds.

When I first started hearing of Americans just measuring in pounds I couldn't quite get to grips with it - it was like they'd missed out a unit - like measuring distances in yards instead of miles.

Ha - just seen my word verification:

Nightmare said...


I need you to send me this healthy diet plan I too need to drop a Hundredweight. And I need plenty of help.

Kim Ayres said...

Hi Nightmare - this could be tricky as when I clicked on your name it came up that your blogger profile was not available.

So with no e-mail address, nor blog site to leave messages on, how exactly would you like me to help?